8 Properties of Jing Ju Chai Chinese medicinal herbs effective treatment of illness

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Jing Zhu Chai or White Mugwort is a Chinese herb native to Guizhou Province. It looks similar to celery. But has a smaller plant size, dark leaves, has a fragrance similar to Tang-O Especially for those who like to eat pork blood soup. will be very familiar with this type of herb because it has good properties to help deodorize the fishy smell Today, we would like to bring 8 properties obtained from Jing Ju Chai to tell you more. What will there be? Let’s follow https://ufabet999.com and read together.

8 Properties of Jing Ju Chai Chinese medicinal herbs effective treatment of illness

1. Expel wind in the intestines and stomach.
Jing Zhu Chai is a herb that has properties that help expel the wind in the intestines and stomach very well. It also contributes to the activation of the digestive system. Therefore, anyone who feels distension and colic is recommended to boil Jingchu Chai to make tea and drink easily. will help treat these symptoms

2. Help nourish the lungs and purify the blood.
Jingchuchai is a herb that has a cooling effect. Therefore, it has the ability to nourish the lungs, selectively purify and stimulate blood circulation. It also stimulates the immune system. and help balance the body to be healthy Makes it not easy to get sick as well

3. Detoxify and cure inflammation
Jingju chai contains antioxidants. Flavonoids, beta-carotene, riboflavin and vitamin C, which these important substances all help to relieve inflammation, extinguish toxicity, treat rashes. and solves the skin with sores

4. Inhibit the growth of cancer cells
Although research into the use of jing celery in cancer treatment is still in the laboratory. But many studies have found that Substances contained in ginseng have the ability to prevent and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. However, it is not recommended to turn to this herb in hopes of treating cancer. But it is best to consult and get the right treatment from a medical professional.

5. Balancing blood pressure
In the stems and leaves of the Chinese celery, there are essential oils that contain limonene, chilene and glycosides. Which is called api-in, which these important substances all have properties that help to balance blood pressure as well

6. Fix menstruation that is not normal.
Because jingchu chai has properties that help stimulate blood circulation. And also helps in the matter of blood purification. That therefore has the effect of helping to treat irregular menstrual symptoms of women as well.

7. Stimulate the immune system in the body.
In Jingchu chai, rich in a variety of antioxidants. These substances help stimulate the immune system in the body to work better. and also helps to slow down the degeneration of cells in the body as well

8. Effective treatment of malaria
name of important substance Artemisinin In Jingchu chai, there are properties that help to increase the efficiency in treating malaria.

For anyone who likes to eat food that contains Chinese herbs like Jing Ju Chai. Whether it’s a menu of sour soup, clear soup, omelette or pork blood soup. Let me tell you that the body receives an incredible variety of properties, especially women who have irregular menstruation problems. Let’s try to find jingju chai to eat. believe that this type of Chinese herb can help you