FA Wales asks to change national team name after World Cup

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Wales national team to change name His own football army is Camry. Which is the name that people in the country call. It has been discussed with UEFA to some extent. When it will be used to wait until the end of the World Cup. to have a conclusion again

Welsh Football Association ( FAW) Prepare to consider changing the name of their football team to use the name Camri (Cymru). Which is a word in their national language. After the 2022 World Cup in Qatar Initially, there have been some discussions with the European Football Federation or UEFA. 

FA Wales

Wales’ FA Has used the name of the Red Dragon Army that Camri in contact and coordination both within and outside the organization with plans to talk to various stakeholders in the country’s football industry About the advantages of changing the name of the national team in international football competitions 

“The team should be called the Camry, that’s what we call it here,” Chief Executive Noel Mooney said. The FAW said, “Our view at the moment. Well, the people in our country clearly call the Camry, that’s what we call our national team. If you look at our website How do we talk about ourselves? We use the word Camry a lot, but internationally. We feel there is still a bit of work to be done. So we’re going to this World Cup as Wales first.”

Big Boss, Red Dragon Ball Organization went on to say that We are a very open democratic organization. And we are not unilaterally deciding what to do today. But we will have discussions with all stakeholders. Whether it be the government, the board, the council and the UFABET body that makes this decision, as well as our officials, clubs and players.

Wales have qualified for the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar in November for the second time in their history. And it’s the first time in 64 years that they have made it to the World Cup final since 1958 in the Middle East edition of the World Cup. The Red Dragon are in Group B along with England, Iran and the United States.