Belgium wins hard! ‘Lukaku’ dies again, pending assessment at the end of the week

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Romelu Lukaku is back with a muscle injury near the World Cup. Prepared to launch in the middle of this month in Qatar. Both Inter and the Belgian national team. I have to wait to see how long I have to rest.

Inter Milan clubs in the Serie A Serie A battle confirmed that Romelu Lukaku the giant striker. There is a new muscle injury problem. And will be assessed again at the end of this week. Resulting in Roberto Martinez, the Belgian national team coach. Must be strongly encouraged that Will he recover in time to help his hometown team kick off the UFABET World Cup tournament in Qatar in mid-November?

Belgium wins hard! 'Lukaku' dies again, pending assessment at the end of the week

The 29-year-old spearhead has just recovered from a muscle injury that required him to rest for about two months. Before returning to play as a backup game in the UEFA Champions League. Where the Python opened the house attack Victoria Pilsen 4-0 in the middle of the past week. Then came off the bench to play in the league game that the team beat Sampdoria 3-0 in the nest on Saturday 29 October. 

However , the latest Nerazzurri came out to report that bad news. After this front center visits the medical team on Monday morning. It was found that there was a problem in the left thigh muscle. The pain will be re-evaluated in the next few days. As a result, the news will be eligible to help the team invade away to Bayern Munich in the final match of the group stage of the Champions League on Tuesday. Where both teams have already qualified.

As for Inter ‘s games against Juventus , home games against Bologna and away to Atalanta. We have to wait and see the results of the injury assessment again. While the Macaroni media speculate Lukaku is unlikely to feature for Inter for the remainder of 2022, that would affect the squad. Red Devils of Europe in the World Cup that will open less than three weeks from now

Belgium national team Was considered one of the dark horse teams that have the opportunity to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in Group F. The first match against Canada will be on Wednesday 23 November, followed by matches against Morocco and Croatia , which if Lukaku is not fit, the team will be missing important forces in the front.